Thursday, February 23, 2006


Christ, Georgie's little pile of flammable shit just got the match. We've can only hope the Iraqis pull it together on their own, having their country destroyed by astronomical idiocy this entire invasion.

It doesn't look good. They must look around and see what Bush has wrought, and this after years of repression from their home-grown dictator. Christ.

This Modern World: Al-Askariya
"Many a day I’ve rolled my eyes at the number of times George Bush can work the word 'terrorists' into a sentence, as often as not one having nothing to do with terrorism. Sometimes the sheer, mindless repetition of it is comic, despite the serious danger of having a president who lumps every opposition to him into the category of evil. The use of the word, however, never made me hissing angry until now."

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