Saturday, February 25, 2006

I Wonder

UPDATE: C&L agree that Dean is one of the few that could stand up and lead on Iraq, if the DNC wasn't filled with a bunch of Repugnican Lites.

As Iraq disintegrates into even more chaos and violence, one wonders what Democratic leadership is thinking. Thanks to the party leaders' absolute refusal to stand up and be counted against the war, this debacle can still be walked away from by the Repugnicans.

Who can stand up now and be counted? "I railed against this war from day one, despite all the critics, not because I'm a Democrat, but because I'm an American and I want our country to always strive to do the right thing!"

Howard Dean has earned that right; a man who was bashed just as much by his own party for being against the war and for the truth. But the RightWingNuttia Noise Machine has Swift-boated Dean effectively; so he won't be standing up.

Hillary, Kerry, Biden: by soft-pedaling their opposition to the war, they have weakened their position on the debate.

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