Saturday, February 18, 2017

Trumpkins Are Sick Puppies

Some guy is abusing his girlfriend.  She is undocumented.  The classic move here by scum like that is to threaten to have her deported, scaring her enough to keep her in line and allow him to keep abusing her.  Under Obama, such threats had no power behind them (although for far too many cases, they probably worked.)

Under President Bannon, they will be carried out.

Immigration agents detain domestic-abuse victim in court

Republicans for decades now falsely claim to be the party of "family values."  It is and has always been complete bullshit.  And also the Christian right, whom like Putin, view Trump as a useful idiot and continue to back a White House with white supremacist Steve Bannon at the helm.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Flynn Fiasco

Flynn really was as incompetent as Trump.  It is amazing President Bannon let him quit, instead of firing him.

Mike Flynn might be done – but Trump's nightmare has just begun

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Dumpster Inferno

It has been obvious from the early days of Trump's campaign that if elected, he would have the most corrupt, unpopular presidency since Nixon - and possibly in history.

But ferchrissakes I never thought the guy would get this unpopular, this fast...

Americans Now Evenly Divided on Impeaching Trump

I try really hard not to focus on the racism that drives so much of the Republican base as a whole.  I have friends and co-workers that I really, really would rather not think of as closet racists.  But time and again, I read shit like this:
On another note it was unclear last week whether Donald Trump really knew who Frederick Douglass was, and it turns out that puts him in pretty good alignment with his party base. Only 47% of Trump voters know that Frederick Douglass is dead, compared to 78% of Clinton voters who know that. Even though they evidently need it, Trump voters aren't very excited about Black History Month. Only 45% of them have a favorable opinion of it, to 35% with a negative one. By contrast it's 81/9 for Clinton voters.
And I love this bit of snark:
And in yet another measure of the terrible economic anxiety gripping Trump voters though, 46% of them think there should be a White History Month to 36% opposed to that concept.
 You really do have to be some kind of idiot to not understand how "White History Month" is best left to the Richard Spencers and President Bannons of the world.  And the constant feigned ignorance of how "Black Lives Matter, Too".

Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party

The left, libs, progressives; whatever you want to call us - some of us are Democrats, some of us are pragmatic Democrats; but the Democrats are not the party of the left.  As Republicans continue to move right (so far right that now, they have a white supremacist in President Bannon); they tug the Democratic Party along with them.

Ronald Reagan definitely would not be accepted in today's Republican party - what with his kooky ideas about amnesty and raising taxes; but he would certainly fit right in with various wings of the Democrats.

And if you want to know why Hillary thumped Trump in the popular vote but narrowly lost enough of the Rust Belt to lose the electoral college; look no further than this:

This kind of tone-deafness is killing the party, and always leads to the Dems bringing knives to gun fights with the Repugs.

It is time go "Tea Party" on Trump and ruin his day, day after day after day.  If any Dems don't want to go along for the ride, primary the bastards.

Anti-Trump wave lifts and worries Democrats

Fake News was not invented yesterday

 October 7, 1996 is the day fake news made a giant leap forward; long before the birth of Facebook.  Fox News has created an entire generation of Republicans whom [a] trust no other media and consider anything outside of Breitbart "fake news", and [b] are dumber from watching it.

Yes, social media has magnified the problem; I'm not blind to the "news" I see being shared by my conservative friends and co-workers - most of which are easily debunked with 5 minutes of searching on

But I don't understand what Tim Cook thinks is going to change, here.  People watch Faux News precisely because it is fake.  They believe the brown people get secret welfare, hundreds of Muslims in Peoria are plotting to kill us in our sleep, and President Bannon is going to bring back coal jobs.

All of which are demonstrably false, and yet, they still only consume "news" sources that push these false narratives.

Apple tech can not undo cognitive dissonance.

Apple CEO calls for 'massive campaign' to battle fake news

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Sean Spicer Press Conference - SNL


The tagline activists have put on the 2016 election, "this is not normal", does appear to be a perfect summary of our predicament.

Shutting down social media accounts of agencies, running all scientific speeches and publications through the White House for cleansing vetting, revoking green cards and banning Muslims; I expected a grand, shit show from this administration but it's gone way beyond what I thought was even possible.

USDA removes online database that included animal abuse; activists cry foul

FCC halts nine companies from participating in the 'Lifeline' program

Mar-a-Lago membership fee doubles to $200,000

Facing Your Constituents

One difference between Republicans getting run out of their town halls now regarding the dismantling of the ACA; versus what Dems faced when passing it?

The Dems largely faced astroturfing efforts.  These Republicans are getting chased by constituents.

'Shame on you': Republicans face crowds angry over Obamacare repeal

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Muslim Ban Already Getting Results

The Republican party, claiming the mantle of patriotism and family values.

Now's A Good Time bring this blog back. I guess we'll really see if Republicans nuke the filibuster. I really no longer expect that, there are now too many corporate Democrats that will play along.