Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Kremlin West

So Trump has hired psychopath Sheriff David Clarke for his administration, a man whom killed an inmate by withholding water and allowed a baby born in his jails to die.  One would think this would disqualify him as too toxic for any normal administration.

I might suspect Trump feels obligated to hire him as one of the few token blacks he can parade around to show he's not racist personally, just his policies (and Sessions, and Bannon, and ...)

I then I read this:

Clarke is one of a few officials in Trump’s orbit with a direct connection to Vladimir Putin’s government. The Daily Beast reported in March that Clarke traveled to Moscow and met with Putin’s top deputy as part of an NRA delegation in 2015. Clarke got $20,000 worth of airfare, meals, and hotel stays for the trip, which he reported on a financial disclosure statement.

I dunno if "one of the few" is snark, but still... Trump is in a world of shit after having disclosed classified material to the Russians and slavishly trying to protect Flynn from being investigated.  And his next move is to hire a bombastic killer with ties to Russia?

The mind reels.

Jail Deaths Weren’t Enough to Keep Sheriff Clarke Out of Trump Administration

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