Friday, April 21, 2017

Grasping At Straws

Never a dull moment with Trump occupying the Oval Office.  After having had his Muslim ban struck down, Muslim ban 2.0 at least temporarily halted, Obamacare repeal resulting in the biggest political defeat in 10 years; you would think Trump might be at least introspective if not humbled.

But this is Trump.

Now one week before the government shuts down, Trump wants his Republican congress to not just pass another continuing resolution to keep funding at current levels; but to get new funding for things like the Trump wall.  Simultaneously, he has asked them to revive Zombie Trumpcare and pass it.  Finally, apparently to the shock of his staff, he has announced plans to introduce a bigly tax reform plan.

He is starting to look your racist drunk uncle at the local casino, spending the last of his social security check at the slots.

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