Thursday, February 23, 2006

Washington Post: When News Breaks, We Miss the Point

Corporate media will never be seen attacking any form of outsourcing, at least until the first company in history outsources their upper management team to perfectly capable MBAs in India (when that day comes, the elite will drop their silver spoons and pick up guns.)

So it not surprising they defend the selling of port to the UAE government, but I do find embarassing they omit key facts...

WaPo: How to Lose Friends
"On the other hand, the president's job description does not include taking a personal interest in decisions about whether foreign companies based in countries that are America's allies should be allowed to purchase other foreign companies that are based in countries that are America's allies. This is particularly the case when such purchases do not have any discernible impact on American security whatsoever."

The defenders of this sale always try to compare apples to government cheese by claiming there's no difference between Dubai Ports World and Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation. Look, POSN is a company based in Britain. DPW is a government-run company. A company based anywhere has only one bottom-line motivation: to make money. That may lead to evil acts like poverty wages or polluting the environment, but you're not likely to see a Board of Directors order the bombing of an American port to generate bigger profits.

The other problem I have with the editorial is the sudden concern with how an Arab country is getting short shrift in its aid to the "GWOT." Funny, WaPo, how you have allowed the Cheney goons to spread fear and hate far and wide against Arabs and Muslims with little challenge when it comes to war --- but let such fear-mongering endanger someone making a buck and you suddenly get concerned about racism.


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