Saturday, November 19, 2005

Jean Schmidt Is a Clueless Bitch

So Jean Schmidt couldn't stop at smearing just one war veteran. She had to smear Rep. John Murtha, one of the damn few true war heroes in Congress. How many purple hearts does Schmidt have again?

It's one thing to be repulsive, human scum like Rushbo or O'Lielly. Those gasbags roll around in their own fecal matter, and rather than hold their nose, their audiences kneel down and savor the stench.

But this bitch is supposed to be representing the people of Ohio. She ran in an overwhelmingly Republican district and nearly lost to a no-name Democrat. What has she done in her life that earned her the privilege to shit on the service of Hackett and Murtha?

The use of the word "coward" particularly pisses me off, because this Bush whore couldn't personally call Murtha a coward. She used a dead Ohio soldier and a Marine colonel for her attack.

Just like Chickenhawk Cheney and the Fighting 101st Keyboardists; when Schmidt wants to start a war, she asks others to do it for her.

House Erupts in War Debate - Los Angeles Times

"Schmidt, a former state legislator who took office after a special election in August in which the war became the prominent issue, said a Marine colonel in Ohio had asked her to 'send Congress a message: Stay the course.'

'He also asked me,' she said, 'to send Congressman Murtha a message: Cowards cut and run. Marines never do.'

Democrats erupted in boos and shouts. 'You guys are pathetic! Pathetic!' yelled Rep. Martin T. Meehan (D-Mass.).

'Take her words down,' other Democrats cried, using the parliamentary language to demand that she retract what they considered a deep insult. 'Take them down.'

Schmidt stood up after several minutes of frantic negotiation and retracted her remarks."

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