Sunday, November 20, 2005

Chickenhawk Hate Machine

I'm still seething over Jean "Fuck Your Purple Hearts" Schmidt's spectacular display of a smearing a veteran, so soon after Veteran's Day.

Let's look at the Republicans' much-hyped respect for the military:

They smeared Max Cleeland, who gave up limbs fighting for his country in a doomed war. And dumbass Republican voters had no problem handling the cognitive dissonance required to vote for a chickenhawk-deferrment Chambliss, because Cleeland hadn't sacrificed enough for his country.

They smeared one of their own, when Bush trashed John McCain's service and employed goons, who would eventually become the infamous Swift Boat Liars, against him in the primary. McCain's crime? He had been a POW in Vietnam, which in Republicans' minds meant he must have collaborated with the enemy.

They smeared Gore, because his service wasn't the "right kind" of service. Again, this was the Bush team, made up of George AWOL Bush, Dick "5 Deferments" Cheney, Donald "Didn't Serve" Rumsfeld, etc. etc.

They smeared John Kerry, and dishonored purple heart awards by wearing purple bandaids at their hate convention, in a direct belittling of every military man wounded in combat.

The Wicked Witch herself smeared Paul Hackett, fresh from another doomed war which will go down as one of the dumbest mistakes ever made by a sitting President; a war so stupid that the only way to make it happen was to fabricate evidence, flip-flop on the reasons for it, and send Powell to the U.N. because every other cabinet member was a known liar on this issue.

So here we are: one party is so filled with politicians that ran from the Vietnam War that many vets call the Republican party the "chicken house." This same party without hesitation will viciously attack any veteran as cowardly if they do not fall into lockstep with RightWingNuttia.

These people are sick, they are destroying this country, and they need to be removed from office. Every last one of them.

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