Monday, November 14, 2005

Cheney Still Loves Him Some Torture

Bush gives an address where he actually dares the people to compare his record on lying with those of anti-war folks? Libby Dole says the 2005 elections show us the public is happy with Republican leadership, and the Republican agenda for next year is "stay the course"?

Have these people so snafu'ed the country that they secretly want a Democratic landslide in '06 so they can run from the disaster they've created and smear Democrats with it?

How can anyone possibly explain this rapid-fire flip-flopping on torture coming from the White House? Jeebus, didn't Rove get the memo that the best the Senate could do was nine winger crazies to be pro-torture?

I have no doubt they will continue to torture until Bush is either in handcuffs or back in the private sector, getting millions in payback and trotted out once in awhile for the True Believers to worship at his feet.

But I really can't understand why they continue to publicly announce that they're desperately hungry to generate bad intelligence and endanger our own troops by torturing POWs. Oh, I'm sorry... enemy combatants, because this war on terror is only called "war" when pandering to the right.

But enemy combatants isn't quite right either, is it? We've readily admitted rounding up hundreds of innocent people and even killing a few. Well, freedom isn't free, I guess. The sooner the Iraqis learn that at our own hands the better, eh?

Pandagon: Latest from Bush stooge: can't rule out torture

"Someone remind me - isn't torture against the law? Didn't the Chimp just tell us last week that Americans do not torture -- or did someone let the dunce-in-chief go off-message yet again?"

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