Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Racial profiling? Who, me?

Eschaton: What People Care About

"The Bush administration is replacing the director of a small but critical branch of the Justice Department, months after he complained that senior political officials at the department were seeking to play down newly compiled data on the aggressive police treatment of black and Hispanic drivers."

Atrios asks why does the Cheney administration bother to cover this up, as it doesn't directly reflect on them (local police do the brutalizing.) I think the answer goes without saying.

In Arizona, we do the same thing. Cops kill people, cops get charged with murder, the sheriff of the biggest county brags about his death "restraint" chairs; nobody gives a shit.

What's the common denominator? In order to keep white, Christian America safe, we must beat down them "damn minorities." I hope they have short memories as they continue to gain political power.

Ask Texas about demographics.

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