Thursday, August 25, 2005

Even ManOnDog Running Away from Iraq Disaster

Daily Kos: You know Bush is in trouble when...
Santorum Exposed: Our First Photo Caption Contest

Santorum is running scared, and it's not from the strangely erotic feelings he had during the touching moment above...

No, Santorum knows what we all know; the Iraq war was started with lies, executed using an untested, high-risk Rummy strategy of a skeleton invading force, quickly eroded into chaos.. and is headed into a new life as a Shiite theocracy and Iran's step-sister.

I'm fighting the urge to celebrate, but I do believe that the tide is turning on this thing. Starting with the grassroots liberals/progressives, moving on to mainstream Democrats, and finally encompassing moderates and "undecideds." I think all those groups understand the incredible damage the Cheney administration has done to this country, and they are pissed.

Slowly, it seems to be creeping into the psyche of the poor and moderate Republicans most hurt by this idiotic war and insane domestic policies. The rural Kansan, the Iowa farmer, who's kids must fight this war. And even some of my peers and co-workers, lower paid Maricopans, struggling to make ends meet and live life while underemployed.

Could it be that 2006 will bring the demise of the evil Dubya reign? Maybe get the Senate back, maybe scare the jeebus out of the DeLay sycophants that rule the House? I pray to $DEITY that will be the result.

On the other hand, I believe that 40% of Americans who bother to vote are hard-core corporatists and/or Christianists who only look out for two things. Money and power: the transfer of money from the middle class to the wealthy, and the power to tell the rest of the masses how to worship, where to live, and whom to fuck.

Will the rest of us wake the fuck up before the voting machine fiasco, the selective placement of polling places, and the whoring corporate media put democracy completely out of reach for Joe Six Pack?

Time will tell.

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