Tuesday, August 02, 2005

ManOnDog Says "Screw Freedom!"

Santorum: the pursuit of Happiness harms America - Santorum Exposed

Honestly, what the fuck is wrong with Santorum? Is the wife not pumping the kids out fast enough, resulting in grief and despair of the all human life he's wasting by jacking off all over the American public?

Seriously, like all RightWingNuts, he's always spoken in Christianist tongues and so badly twisted the events o' the day that reality must be a distant memory by now.

But to lose it so badly the guy can't make it two or three days without spinning his head 360 degrees and spewing some crazy batshit hate speech about the left?

That rumbling sound you hear out there isn't the monsoon, it's the American public waking up from a 6 year slumber.

"Rick Santorum says that the 'liberal' view of freedom is 'not the kind of freedom our founders envisioned.' Elaborating, he says 'It is an entire culture that focus (sic) on immediate gratification and the pursuit of happiness and personal pleasure. And it is harming America.'"

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