Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Iraq War Veteran: GOP Can Cut His Benefits, Not His Popularity

Daily Kos: OH-02: What a ride

Forming, storming, performing... Hackett competed against one of the most corrupt state political parties in the Union, with documented voting irregularities in 2004, and nipped at the Wicked Schmidt's heels the entire time.

I find my own malaise lifting a bit. Now, Janet is golden for Gov'nuh in 2006 (the Repugs are fleeing in fear); can we find some similar AZ Hackett to go all the way against one of our own pathetic, sound-bite neocons?

"From the looks of it, the margin was under 4 percent, or per Cook's analysis, a 'very serious warning sign' for the state GOP. Indeed, this is probably the only district in Ohio in which Paul would've lost."

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