Monday, August 01, 2005

GOP: Generate Obscene Pain

Daily Kos: A Second Chance On Torture For The GOP

McCain is mostly a generic, pro-business Republican that gets way too damn much affection from the press. He benefits by existing in a party that can't decide if it wants to be fascist or fundamentalist; such extreme RightWingNuttia makes McCain appear moderate, though he isn't by any traditional definiton.

However, I give him kudos when he's right... and his pressure on Bush to ban torture once and for all is a good thing. Here's hoping he's successful. His party had better take a good, long look at this issue; history will certainly judge the wrong position harshly.

"When I wrote in the past that voting for Alberto Gonzales for Attorney General was tantamount to condoning torture, I meant it and believed it. Some folks thought it over the top. But the current debate on banning prisoner abuse is unambiguous to the point that no reasonable person can consider this litmus test as unfair."

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