Monday, August 01, 2005

The Corpse Speaks

No Quarter: Lame Bob Novak

Let's hear what the Bush boot-licker had to say, but somebody open a window first... and brush those maggots off his flesh.

"But, we now are reminded what a complete, disgusting douchebag (to quote Jon Stewart) Robert Novak really is. He admits that he was told that revealing Plame's identity would cause 'difficulties'. He describes her in his original article as an 'operative'. Note, not 'analyst' but 'operative'. Bob Novak has been in town long enough to know the difference. An operative is someone who carries out operations. An analyst is someone who sits at a desk and tries to make sense out of information that operators collect. Bill Harlow says he asked Novak not to use her name and Novak confirms this. CIA spokesmen were in the position of having to protect a sensitive, covert asset and this joke of a journalist did not appreciate that creating difficulties for an intelligence agency in a time of war is a bad thing?"

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