Monday, August 01, 2005

Ohio Republicans: Big Time Crooks

The Raw Story | Ms. Noe's own scandal: Wife of Ohio GOP fundraiser does some election reform of her own

Amazing. Tom Noe has stolen millions from Ohio's till via Coingate. Turns out his wife has been stealing votes as well. Bolton, Rove, Noe, DeLay, Cunningham, Cheney, Halliburton...

this isn't the most corrupt administration of modern times; it's the most corrupt political party of modern times. And to stand up and claim the religious throne, the patriotic monopoly, and the protector of children and the environment while lying, embezzling, smearing, and breaking the law?

Balls the size of Jupiter.

"Reminiscent of an account reported on by RAW STORY regarding ballot tampering in Clermont County, Ohio, Ms. Noe was involved in an incident through which Republican volunteers were brought in to “assist” processing returned voter confirmation postcards. On her authority and that of several other board members, partisan volunteers were allowed to copy the returned cards.

They were subsequently caught by a Lucas County Democratic official peeling the return stickers off the voter confirmation cards, and were told to leave. Weghorst’s inquiry found no evidence they had been supervised."

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