Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Fairly Amazing Video

Via Pandagon: Anti-abortion activists confronted with reality

AtCenterNetwork.com: Libertyville Abortion Demonstration

I read pandagon.net regularly, despite finding Amanda's agenda and my own not having a lot in common. She makes me think, because I doubt my feminist credentials would pass her litmus test. Now, that angers me a bit, so I like to read her and examine my own beliefs (this is an excercise entirely foreign to just about every neocon I've ever met.)

I'm much more focused on the concentration of wealth and disparity of class in this country, but abortion is an issue you can't avoid and I do indeed have personal beliefs in the area.

I'm one of those that often takes heat from both sides, as I can't imagine the circumstances in my life today that would allow me to encourage my SO to have an abortion - but I also believe that a woman always has the last word. It's her body, it's her choice, and a fetus is a fetus.

Now, laying all those cards out on the table, this video just absolutely blew me away. It almost feels like a Daily Show parody gone bad.

When you see these protesters lack of even rudimentary thought past what their leader/pastor/family has spoon-fed them, even after having been involved in the anti-choice movement more than 2 years; it defies belief.

My take is this video shows a deep, hidden understanding that their rhetoric is very flawed. Each of them, I'm positive, would exclaim without hesitation that a murderer deserves life in prison or execution. Their reaction to the abortion question belies the undeniable fact that abortion is not killing another human being. They know this, but the immerse themselves in this frantic, raving culture where they never have to challenge themselves to flesh out their real beliefs.

I've at least asked myself the question, despite not having all the answers.

Check out the video. Here's where Amanda and I agree:

"Anti-choice is the height of simplistic thinking. X is against my moral system means X should be illegal is childish thinking. A lot of shit I dislike strongly is legal and I support its right to legally exist because the overall loss of freedom disturbs me more than activity X. But in this case, there is a real 'for me but not for thee' issue at hand."

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