Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bizarro Arizona

Border Patrol Arrests "No More Deaths" Volunteers

The Right's favorite game is Opposite Day, like passing a polluter protection bill and calling it the "Clean Skies Initiative," or claiming a vote for Bush supports our troops as he guts veterans' benefits.

So it didn't surprise me to see the latest Opposite Day twist when this story came out:

"Two volunteers with the humanitarian organization 'No More Deaths' were arrested for transporting illegal immigrants around noon Saturday afternoon.

Spokespeople for the group say the volunteers were trying to save the lives of dehydrated illegal immigrants when they were arrested."

You see the problem? Apparently the 'No More Deaths' volunteers forgot to bring a gun:

No criminal charges will be filed against an Army reservist who held seven undocumented immigrants at gunpoint this month at an Arizona rest stop.

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