Thursday, June 02, 2005

Operation Snowflake: Participants want all snowflakes to look alike

AMERICAblog: Bush's "Snowflake" adoption program discriminates on basis of religion, sexual orientation

Forget, for a moment, that this snowflake business (the buying of leftover blastocyst cells from other in-vitro couples for one's own use) results in large sums of money spent on trying to create pregnancy when thousands of orphans exist today which need good homes.

Forget the hypocrisy of Christocrat mothers weeping that these cells are actual children; knowing that when they thaw them out, most of them will be destroyed -- thereby each Chosen Couple committing mass murder by their own definition.

Forget all of that. Now we find that these Dobson disciples get to discriminate against the adoptees. So while they say this whole thing is about saving the lives of the icicle "babies", they take time out to make the following judgement:

while I want BlizzardJohnny to be saved from the fate of melting he would normally experience, and instead have a 20% chance of attaching to a womb; if the choice is between attaching to a lesbian or liberal Christian womb and death -- these pro-lifers choose death.

These Jonestown-wannabes go so far as to demand the mother stay at home. The wording seems to indicate that a working mom would win versus melted death, however; so long as the happy purchasers are conservative Christians.

These groups initially opposed in-vitro as "playing God." They came right out and told infertile couples; well, that's a bad hand God played you, but you need to live with it.

Now that it works, and they find they can add to their cult through the frozen blastocyst stock market, they have a new message:

this is good for us, but the rest of you can go to Hell.

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