Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Cheney: Lying Bastard

CNN.com - Iraq insurgency in 'last throes,' Cheney says - May 31, 2005

Whatever you think of Tricky Dick, he's the most consistently bald-faced liar this administration has ever produced.

Ferchrissakes, Bush himself has admitted that the old "Iraq = terrorism" argument for war was utter bullshit. Cheney, however, never misses an opportunity to continue that lie.

It's one of things that the Right is able to successfully pull off only because of the whorish beltway media. Continue telling the same lies over and over, because not a single motherfucker in the press corp will challenge you on it.

Christ, it's no wonder guys like Cheney love Russert and Matthews. Those guys wouldn't know a hardball if they felt Cheney's nuts with both hands.

"'America will be safer in the long run when Iraq, and Afghanistan as well, are no longer safe havens for terrorists or places where people can gather and plan and organize attacks against the United States,' he said."

As for Iraq's civil war being in it's "last throes," obviously Cheney's been dipping into Bush's stash lately.

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