Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Right Wing Won't Support Military

Daily Kos :: Recruitment scandal

Kos absolutely nails it:

"War supporting politicians could lend a hand by urging people to join up, but they won't. Can't have a call for sacrifice.

Religious Right preachers could use their pulpits to urge their flocks to fight their 'just war', but they won't. No parent wants their preacher telling them to send their kid to the grave.

The 101st Fighting Keyboardists could urge their readers to enlist, and then follow suit themselves. But they won't. The un-American cowards make a mockery of our anthem's 'home of the brave' line as they hide behind tough talk.

TV blowhards could use their cable channel platform to urge their listeners to head to the nearest recruitment office and put their words in action, but they won't. 'Supporting the troops' means nothing more than empty words."

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