Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Freedom Is On the March!

NewsFromRussia.Com Uzbekistan: digging graves as soldiers move through the streets

Uzebkistan, a country that continually receives praise from the Bush-Cheney war compound, continues to be ruled by killers. This is exactly "why they hate us."

"Cemetery workers hastily buried 37 bodies in a mass grave in the eastern city of Andijan on Tuesday as residents mourned what witnesses said were hundreds killed last week by security forces in the worst unrest in Uzbekistan since it won independence in 1991.
'The main preoccupations are now to encourage everybody to forgo any further violence, to help with the refugees that went into Kyrgyzstan out of Uzbekistan, and to try to deal with the consequences right now of this set of issues,' she [Condoleezza Rice] said."

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