Friday, February 25, 2005

Wal-Mart Kills Another Union Attempt

Lots of uneducated Republicans will be, amazingly, celebrating this story. Just as the same idiots cheered when Wal-Mart shut down a Canadian store that had unionized. Just as the Republican elite quietly creamed themselves when Wal-Mart killed the meatcutter position when that went union.

I will never cease to be amazed at how the right has been able to convince the working poor and the underemployed that 40 hour work weeks, 2 weeks of vacation, child labor elimination, and fair pay for work provided are concepts that are quaint and outdated.

From a distance, I suppose I can how one might be able to distract a decent portion of poor workers by playing to their fears with race and gay-bashing. But how does it continue to work as the wealthy Republican elite continue to concentrate more wealth, wages continue to decline, and the middle class slowly shrinks away.

The same working poor that find their quality of life eroding will gleefully cheer when a rightie proclaims that Mexican immigration is bringing new diseases into this country and costing American jobs (a claim not used against a people since the 1800s and the Chinese.)

However, that same crowd will stand in stony silence when they see thousands of businessmen hire undocumented workers. No reaction to massive layoffs as plants move offshore. No outrage over outsourcing. Those are Democratic issues, but in their own best interest, and they can't let go of their Faux News indoctrination to support it.

Yahoo! News - Colorado Wal-Mart Workers Halt Union Bid

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