Saturday, February 26, 2005

Bush Math: 51 Deaths in Iraq is a Good Thing

Yahoo! News - U.S. Military Death Toll in Iraq Approaches 1,500

Of course, any news that the death toll of US soldiers in Iraq is slowing is fantastic news. I look forward to the day we can say: "There were no US deaths in Iraq this month."

"U.S. military leaders said rebel attacks had declined since
the parliamentary election, touted by the United States as a
milestone of progress in Iraq. U.S. deaths have since slipped
to about 60 percent of the rate for the three previous months."

What is disturbing, however, is this little gem:

" Cato Institute defense analyst Ted Carpenter said the recent level of U.S. casualties in Iraq resembled Soviet losses in Afghanistan (news - web sites) in the 1980s. Both wars pitted forces of an invading superpower against tenacious Muslim insurgents."

It took a decade for the Soviets to admit defeat and get the Hell out of Afghanistan. I hope we don't suffer the same fate.

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