Thursday, February 24, 2005

Confessions of a Dangerous Conservative

In any battle, it helps to understand your enemy. Here's an interesting read from a Daily Kos diary, purportedly from a former conservative.

You Liberals are Clueless:

"Liberals function because of a strong sense of empathy. You do; pat yourselves on the back. Conservatives don't function. Seriously, we don't. We are driven by a powerful litany of antipathies. We are driven because we hate; we hate the poor, the damaged, the turned-out, the dirty, the alien. We hate them for many reasons, but all the reasons stem from power. Make no mistake, there is power in equality- equality is utter power over the oppressor. Yes, equality is jewel at the top of our hate list. If you suspected this was true, take 5 points off your score- unless you can articulate why it's at the top. I'll give you until the next section."

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