Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bush Too Cowardly to Host Free Form Town Hall

Saw this on Daily Kos:

"The much-touted American-style "town hall" meeting the White House has been planning with "normal Germans" of everyday walks of life will be missing during his visit to the Rhine River hamlet of Mainz this afternoon.

A few weeks ago, the Bush administration had declared that the chat -- which could have brought together tradesmen, butchers, bank employees, students and all other types to discuss trans-Atlantic relations -- would be the cornerstone of President George W. Bush's brief trip to Germany [...]

The Germans, though, insisted that a free forum should be exactly that. Wolfgang Ischinger, Germany's Ambassador to the United States, explained to the New York Times last week: 'We told them, don't get upset with us if they ask angry questions.'"

Der Spiegel: With a Hush and a Whisper, Bush Drops Town Hall Meeting with Germans

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