Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Your kids' future is quickly dissolving

U.S. July budget deficit widens to $69 billion

It's no news that drunken spending Bush has mortgaged your children's future, and their children (many hard-core neocons applaud the move, thinking that you first bankrupt the government than replace it with a minimalist, elite protective force for the rich.)

What's interesting here is further evidence the plans to shrink the middle-class are going well.

"So far this year, individual income tax receipts of $657 billion are running 3 percent below 2003's pace. Corporate income tax receipts of $145 billion are 45 percent ahead of 2003's pace."

Don't you wish you were part of the corporate elite? CEOs and management were getting fat during the 90s boom. They got fatter during the Bush recession. They are set for the biggest increase in the gap between rich and poor in U.S. history; a record that is continually set and broken by Bush tax policies (capital gains reduction, estate tax elimination, lowering taxes for the ultra-wealthy, etc.)

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