Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Pulling up those left behind

NOW with Bill Moyers. Starting from Behind - Q and A with Manhattan Comprehensive Principal Howard Friedman - PBS

Just watched a great story on NOW with Bill Moyers about a school in New York designed to help two types of kids: those who have dropped out of public school and realized too late it was a big mistake, and those who are recent immigrants to this country and have neither the money nor English to make it in public school.

It's a perfect example, to me, of the difference between conservative and liberal. The neocons probably hold such a school in distaste, angered by the fact it caters to those damn immigrants, however legal, taking over the country.

As a liberal, I feel inspired by such a school. The stories of hard work by everyone, the faculty, the school administration, and most of all the kids, truly show what this country is capable of when our priorities are straight.

The way to a better society is from the bottom up; it's always been that way. The Bush plan, taken to its extreme, will lead to a kingdom. The liberals (not necessarily Kerry) hold the ideal that we are better than that.

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