Saturday, August 07, 2004

Mish Mash

Some interesting reading today. Check out This Modern World where Bob Harris comments on how one right-wing publication, the Washington Times, has an owner that has personally made the United States less safe.

Oh yeah, and Dubya's dad was on his payroll.

Bob links to FAIR with further info on the situation.


Your pension is an endangered species. Now, the right will tell you that a 401(k) is just as good. If you believe that, write your Congressman and ask him/her if they will voluntarily give up their Congressional pension.

(The article has a title that reflects exactly how big business looks at your retirement and health care.


And finally, please stand up if you find the Bush economy satisfying. No takers? Oh wait, I see about 1% of you jumped right up. Lovin' that wealthy tax giveaway, are ya?

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