Thursday, July 15, 2004

Neocons invading last island of sanity - PBS

PBS's new weekly standard: Tucker Carlson ... [Media Matters for America]

I highly recommend for an occasional sanity check. Often you hear the most incredible crap on television or media, and a quick check on this website reveals it for what it is.

That being said, I stumbled onto this report that the right wing is not happy dominating AM radio, newspaper editorial pages, and cable news. After years of bashing PBS, they've decided to invade it.

Granted, it must be tough every week to see Frontline expose tax cheats, chemical dumpers, OSHA scofflaws, etc. The strategy for years was: "All we need to do is kill the funding."

It's obvious PBS is here to stay now, so the new strategy must be to infect it with the same liberal-bashing hysteria that pervades commercial media. It's actually quite brilliant, because once they get enough trash hosts like Carlson into the programming, why would anyone watch it?

I can't even muster a modicum of anger anymore. Just depression. Satire is irony. See The Onion.

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