Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Bush planning 2000 election encore

CNN.com - Officials discuss how to delay Election Day - Jul 12, 2004

Well, the bipartisan committee appointed by Bush to bring back confidence in elections after the 2000 fiasco are said to be making plans on how to delay federal elections in the event of a terrorist attack.

I keep hearing, "Don't worry. It's academic. There isn't even any law that specifies who would be able to make that call."

So, we shouldn't worry because there's no legal authority for Bush to decide to delay the elections and keep himself in power. The same Bush administration that said treaties, law, and common sense didn't apply to torture.

Now, I'm no conspiracy theorist... but the fact we even have to consider how Bush might abuse the elections is just the kind of thing the neocons should have considered before thumbing their noses at our own and international laws.

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