Saturday, July 17, 2004

Where's the neocon outrage?

Yahoo! News - Stewart Sentenced to 5 Months in Prison

Okay, who isn't sick of Martha Stewart by now? Not to pile on, but...

So Stewart saves herself $50K on an obvious, if not prosecutable, insider trading transaction. She's a former stock broker, so of course she wasn't stupid enough to be so brazen the evidence would be available to convict.

But this is another example of how our justice system is tweaked by money as badly as politics. Had Stewart "saved herself $50K" by, say, doctoring paperwork get a Bentley at half price; she'd be doing more than 5 months. And had she flat out stolen a Ford, she'd be doing 2 years in prison.

And what have I heard all day from the right? Moral relativity. Well, sure, she lied and all; but everyone else is doing it! Hey, wait a minute, I thought you holier than thou types see everything in black and white. Good and evil. You're for us or agin' us.

Guess that only applies to poor criminals.
Believe me, there's a reason it's damn near impossible to win an insider trading prosecution.  There isn't a big car-thief lobby.

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