Sunday, February 12, 2017

Dumpster Inferno

It has been obvious from the early days of Trump's campaign that if elected, he would have the most corrupt, unpopular presidency since Nixon - and possibly in history.

But ferchrissakes I never thought the guy would get this unpopular, this fast...

Americans Now Evenly Divided on Impeaching Trump

I try really hard not to focus on the racism that drives so much of the Republican base as a whole.  I have friends and co-workers that I really, really would rather not think of as closet racists.  But time and again, I read shit like this:
On another note it was unclear last week whether Donald Trump really knew who Frederick Douglass was, and it turns out that puts him in pretty good alignment with his party base. Only 47% of Trump voters know that Frederick Douglass is dead, compared to 78% of Clinton voters who know that. Even though they evidently need it, Trump voters aren't very excited about Black History Month. Only 45% of them have a favorable opinion of it, to 35% with a negative one. By contrast it's 81/9 for Clinton voters.
And I love this bit of snark:
And in yet another measure of the terrible economic anxiety gripping Trump voters though, 46% of them think there should be a White History Month to 36% opposed to that concept.
 You really do have to be some kind of idiot to not understand how "White History Month" is best left to the Richard Spencers and President Bannons of the world.  And the constant feigned ignorance of how "Black Lives Matter, Too".

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