Sunday, February 12, 2017

Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party

The left, libs, progressives; whatever you want to call us - some of us are Democrats, some of us are pragmatic Democrats; but the Democrats are not the party of the left.  As Republicans continue to move right (so far right that now, they have a white supremacist in President Bannon); they tug the Democratic Party along with them.

Ronald Reagan definitely would not be accepted in today's Republican party - what with his kooky ideas about amnesty and raising taxes; but he would certainly fit right in with various wings of the Democrats.

And if you want to know why Hillary thumped Trump in the popular vote but narrowly lost enough of the Rust Belt to lose the electoral college; look no further than this:

This kind of tone-deafness is killing the party, and always leads to the Dems bringing knives to gun fights with the Repugs.

It is time go "Tea Party" on Trump and ruin his day, day after day after day.  If any Dems don't want to go along for the ride, primary the bastards.

Anti-Trump wave lifts and worries Democrats

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