Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nobody Could Have Known Gilbert Mayor is a Dick

"Bitter disputes involving money, booze, pills, porn and death plots all play out in the series of allegations traded between Gilbert Mayor Steve Berman and his estranged wife in a police report released Friday."

Claims of pills, death plot part of Berman saga |

Berman is getting hammered these days by the local media for the salacious details in a "police report" filed by his wife. I put police report in quotes, because the report was written by the MCSO. That means it could just be another case of Dime Bag Sheriff Joe's political goon squad unquestioningly writing down everything any nut job says and sending it to the media. Joe's tactics aren't subtle; little men use simple tactics.

That said, I don't doubt Berman is the kind of hothead that would need to bully his wife. In fact, I have a close female friend he personally browbeat over a lost UPS package. Here's the old blog post:

Inside Scoop on Gilbert Mayor Steven Berman

So ol' Steve is a know quantity to me; he's an arrogant dick. The fact he may now be another victim of The Joke's personal swift boat squad gives me a tiny bit of hope that the Republican "leaders" in this county have yet another chance to see what happens when you let a deranged, media whore run a law enforcement agency. Sometimes it's not just the peons he goes after.

As for Berman personally; I have no sympathy for the jackass. He has a long record of shady deals and looking like a dick.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

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