Saturday, December 10, 2005

Inside Scoop on Gilbert Mayor Steven Berman

Here's some original blog reporting on one of our local wingnuts, Gilbert Mayor Steven Berman. This will be an "as told to" report, as I didn't personally witness the incident. Names were not changed, but snark has been liberally added.

Apparently, while sitting at a small coffee bar in a Gilbert beauty salon complex, my source saw a man hurriedly running about the building as if he had just stolen something. This witness, while not a political junkie, immediately suspected the man to be Gilbert Mayor Steven Berman.

How could he be so perceptive, you ask? Because Mr. Insecurity Complex was wearing a black t-shirt with the following emblazoned on it: "Gilbert Mayor Steven Berman." I'm serious, I asked him twice. This leads me to wonder, did Mr. Berman get picked on in grade school?

Back to the story: watching a town mayor running around like he's late for a perm and pedicure is amusing enough, but it also peaked the interest of the witness. Why was he here?

A young woman approached the former Army captain and asked him if she could help. I mention "former Army captain," because it is the only part of his resume Mr. Berman apparently didn't recite while intimidating the woman.

"I need to know where "Shell" is! Tell me now, before I get the [department of health] to shut this place down! I'll do it! Listen, I own the Gilbert Police Department and I'll search this entire building!" which probably comes as a surprise to the Chief of Police; but who knows, maybe he is bought and paid for by the mayor.

This story was too good to pass up, so after hearing about it, I headed down to this establishment to talk to some of people unfortunate enough to have run into this Mayor With Short Penis.

Apparently he had something shipped via UPS worth a couple hundred bucks that he suspects ended up in this beauty salon. He won't say what it was, or how he managed to mangle the address so completely it went to a beauty salon. He was overheard stating it would benefit only him [Viagra?].

The upshot is, he's winning friends and influencing people by intimidation and forced searches. Allegedly, he loudly proclaimed while handing out his business card, "Well, I won't give my mayoral business card which could shut down your business, or my Gilbert PD business card, which I own and could send in here right now and turn your place upside down, I'll give you my real estate business card!"

Berman, dude, you're kidding right? It's time to hire new speech writers. This sounds the kind of banter that ends with, "did I just drop my Congressional Medal of Honor?" Lemme guess, Stevie, you were there when the shit went down in Grenada, right?

Apparently, there actually is a studio there owned by this mysterious "Shell", which is short for Michelle. She was out, so Berman apparently used his threats to search the salon of the woman who had tried to help him! What was gained by this? Showing that Grand Ol' Party respect for the right to freedom from illegal searches?

I asked those who experienced Mr. Envy's wrath if they felt they were owed an apology. Well, as you might expect, those involved want the entire thing to go away. That's a damn shame, but God Bless 'Em. To me, this just reinforces the stereotype of Republican hubris, some doorknob running around like royalty, pissing on the peasants, because his girly magazines got lost in the mail.

The last example of local Republican leadership this dumb, in my opinion, is Scottsdale Mayor Sam Campana and her famous "911? How do I get to Hayden and McClintock? This is an emergency!"

I wonder if she then claimed to own the Scottsdale PD?

Mr. Berman, the next time you feel like braying about who and what you own, remember this. In America, the government is by the people, for the people. If anyone owns anyone else, we own you. (By the way, where can I get one of those cool t-shirts, eh? I paid for 'em, didn't I?)


Anonymous said...

This blog is a big crock of shit! I know who you are. And I am fully aware that you are hiding from the fact that the Gilbert Mayor is aware of some recent charges you had pending against you accusing you of soliciting to child prostitution. You only got away with it because of that Judge in your family. But the citizens know all about you and your sickness you suffer from. And what has Mayor Steve Berman done to you? Other then tell you that you couldn't reside in the neighborhood you wanted to move into. That is the only reason you have created this web site with all this bullshit against the man who did nothing more then protect the children of his community. So get a life and keep your jimmy in your pants and away from children. You sick pervert!

Alicia Sorano

Dale Overhill said...


You are correct, I am who you think I am. But please, please don't befoul our love with these mindless accusations. I forgive you and your fornicating ways with the Mayor. That is the past.

Please come back to me, Alicia. What you and Steve do to children in your spare time is none of my business.

I love you, and I always have. Come home, baby. All is forgiven, we will get you the help you need.

Anonymous said...


You are a very sick man! And this time you have bitten off more then you can chew. You obviously are not an educated person. Your post to that girl proves just how immature you really are. Even if people didn't believe what she was saying about you, one thing is for sure now. Everyone knows what kind of level you are on. Sounds like 2 first graders are bickering at one another. Name calling. So elementary Dale. From a poster I can understand. But from someone who created a blog like this....I just don't think you know what you are talking about, nor are you playing with a full deck anywhere on this planet. Good luck with your efforts Dale. What is your goal anyway? I mean what are you hoping to obtain by slandering a man like Steve Berman who deserves a lot more respect then you are giving him? What are you reasons Dale? Are you hoping to find others that feel the same way as you? I don't think there are many who don't back the mayor. Maybe you should grow out of elementary school, stop name calling to people, slandering them, and get on board with everyone else that knows Mayor Berman deserves to be respected. Do the right thing Dale. Get rid of this childish site while you still can buddy.


Dale Overhill said...


Please stick with one name -- it will confuse people if you keep changing it.

You obviously have some freakish agenda -- I see your posts all over the Internet defending his insane tirade against local reporters, for example. That's fine, whatever floats your boat.

It is obvious you are incapable of reading or extremely lazy to tag this blog as any kind of smear of "Anger Management" Berman.

The post you are commenting on is 3 years old. There are hundreds of posts spanning many years -- and 1 or 2 concern this freak Berman.

You can tell a lot about a man from his wife. How does Mrs. Berman feel about this guy? There's someone who smears the guy.

My post details how this man acts in his everyday life interacting with real people and his constituents, Alicia. The fact he is an asshole who throws around his "power" is not only rude and obnoxious, it is pathetic.

Crawl back into your hole, or his bed, and worship him all you want -- this post will stand.

By the way, you probably know this Alicia; did he ever find his toupe?

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot! That post wasn't from me. But you seem to know a lot about all kinds of things. For example "your source" wasn't a political junkie but she sure recognized the mayor didn't she? Listen, I'm not going to give you the time or day after this post. I think you are getting to much attention from the two post's you have received as it is. This site is nothing more then a joke just like you. Your assumptions are nothing more then a joke. And you have no life. I'm not making this up, it's obvious by the fact that you can tell from the time the first post was posted recently to the time that you respond to them that you are just sitting by your computer desperately hoping someone will respond to this dorky site. Then you accuse people of making post's they don't make. Hey that's fine by me. I'll take the credit for that last post. No problem dipshit. Now instead of 2 people other then yourself giving your idiotic blog attention it's back down to just me and you. Your not to bright are you? Maybe mommy did some things with you she shouldn't have? Well everyone reading this will find out very shortly, because we all know your sitting by your computer and just can't wait to respond. You are OCD over the Gilbert Mayor because you are a child predator. These are the real facts. So now mister I can't wait to post my response lets see if we can break a record with how long it takes you to respond to this post. You are a joke. I hope you go back to prison one day because I know there are people in there that can't stand to be around sick child molesting perverts like you!


Ok readers lets watch the clock for this idiots response. I'm making bets regarding how long it takes him to respond. It's obvious this guy has no life away from his computer.

Dale Overhill said...


Had I known you were timing me I would have answered this one first. You're a child. Do you really think anyone is reading the pablum you are posting?

Your "high ground" was lost when you attacked the death of my son.

You have exposed the hatred and evil that has seeped into every corner of the Republican party. This is what they have become -- pathetic masturbaters whom worship Bush, fear minorities, and spend nights surfing the Internet for obscure blogs who've posted something critical about some no-name, murder-plotting, podunk Mayor.

The pride you must feel.

Anonymous said...

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Dale Overhill said...


The stupidity...


(ht: Atrios)

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to thank you for everything you stand for. You make the rest of us child molestors realize that we are not alone. There are others out there like yourself that enjoy molestation at birth. I envy your confessions Dale. I personally don't beleive in child molestation buy hey if you want to to come out of the closet Dale and admit to the world what you did to that poor baby then I'm ok with that. If so why don't you give me a call. My phone number is 480-259-0264 Thanks you whore. Fuck face. Fucker in the asswipe. Goat ball licker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck face in your asshole bitch. goodbye you hoe.

Dale Overhill said...


I highly recommend you stop snorting Drano and blowing goats, hon.

- Dale

Anonymous said...

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