Saturday, March 31, 2007

Miller: Still Sucking After All These Years

This blog was "inspired" (perhaps 'was born of fiery rage in opposition to' is a better way to state it) by the increasingly incoherent ramblings of Dennis Miller during his spectacular transition from a slightly left satirist who made people laugh, to Bush worshipping ideologue. Honestly, Bush doesn't get better tongue action from anybody else... well, that's an exaggeration. Fredo and Turdblossom obviously serve at the Pleasure of the President.

I saw Miller was on The Daily Show this week, and this just in; Miller is still not funny. He's getting a radio talk show. What a fucking surprise. The one thing we don't have enough of is soulless whores long past their primes who have nothing to offer but bitter hatred for The Gay, brown people, and the poor.

Miller doesn't even try to stray into politics anymore. His 6 minute vomit spewed gems like Pelosi blinks a lot and Reid isn't Elvis. Hey, thanks Dennis! That's the kind of unique insight that the drooling Dittoheads out there crave.

(And Dennis, don't worry about the loss of talent thing. O'Lielly's radio program has been a complete bust, but he still draws a paycheck because the 1% elite steal more in no-bid contracts after one day than he makes in a year, and they are more than happy to fund such garbage. Sleep tight!)

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