Monday, June 26, 2006

October Surprise: Bush Style

So it turns out General Casey briefed Bush on plans to reduce troops in Iraq; during the same time period Rove ordered Congress Rape-uglicans to bash Dems over pushing for the same thing.

The Cheney administration is planning on a tried-and-tried Republican tactic: the October Surprise. Democrats will be called cowards, no steps will be taken to withdraw troops from Iraq until they can wait no longer -- then magically, Bush will announce the Iraqis are standing up, the insurgency is in its last throes, and we can withdraw thousands of troops.

Complete fucking idiots will look at this as another miracle from Dear Leader, and worship at the polls.

The rest of us will be furious at all those soldiers and civilians who died in Iraq; for the noble cause of political timing.

Of course, we've all seen this one coming down Grand Avenue. Here's what I wrote 326 days ago, and the only thing that has changed is the body count.

It's a Wonderful Lie: 14 Marines Die in Iraq: Big Media Yawns

"They are all dying in vain, because Bush is playing 'run out the clock.' He'll keep them there until it gets closer to the 2006 elections, then have a significant pullout. Not a damn, fucking thing will different then... just bad poll numbers needing a boost.

Eventually, as the Christianists get weary of the body bags, neocons fear losing control of Congress, and Big Money corporatists worry over peasant unrest at home; Bush will declare complete victory and announcement (sic) an end of the occupation in the 'near future.'"

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