Wednesday, August 03, 2005

14 Marines Die in Iraq: Big Media Yawns

Daily Kos: What Bush had to say about today's news from Iraq

It was a brutal day for our troops in Iraq, with 14 marines killed by a roadside bomb. This battalion has lost 20 men over 3 days.

Did you see much coverage on corporate media? I heard it on AM radio at the top of the hour - that was it.

They are all dying in vain, because Bush is playing "run out the clock." He'll keep them there until it gets closer to the 2006 elections, then have a significant pullout. Not a damn, fucking thing will different then... just bad poll numbers needing a boost.

Eventually, as the Christianists get weary of the body bags, neocons fear losing control of Congress, and Big Money corporatists worry over peasant unrest at home; Bush will declare complete victory and announcement an end of the occupation in the "near future."

The US will be measurably less safe, along with the UK. A country that had posed no legitimate threat to us will have been replaced with a terrorist haven on the brink of (or engaged in) civil war. Iran's influence will engulf Iraq, making the Middle East even less stable as the balance of power will have shifted in the mullahs favor.

Too stupid to be president, indeed. It's a helluva thing to die for Bush's daddy issues and Wolfie's hard-on for empire-building.

"Some numbers for you:

* 49 - the number of vacations that Bush has taken since he was inaugurated in 2001
* 5 - the number of weeks that Bush will spend on vacation, starting yesterday. It is the longest presidential vacation in at least 36 years.
* 319 - August 3, 2005 was the 319th day Bush has spent on vacation since his 2001 inauguration.
* 20% - the fraction of Bush's presidency that he has spent on vacation"

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