Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tweety Finds a Tune

What the Hell? Matthews finally pinned down a theocon on something?

We last visited this question last year when some great video was released showing normally screaming, chest-beating Christocons suddenly fall silent when asked a very simple question: if abortion is outlawed, what's the penalty for the woman?

This should be an easy question for the self-righteous: abortion is murder, and a woman who has an abortion should be executed. It's the only answer, if you've got Gawd on speed-dial and you're an Old Testament Christian.

Instead, they sputter and they stammer and they flip-flop. Why? Because their answer lays bare the truth: the public might actually be motivated to get off their asses and throw out the cons if their dream came true: complete control over women's uteri -- including death for doing "the filthy."

Eschaton: Agency

"MATTHEWS: If you go back to state‘s rights on abortion, would you support banning abortion in Pennsylvania?

TOOMEY: Yes, I would, yes.


MATTHEWS: In other words, if a woman had an abortion in Pennsylvania, what would you do to her?

TOOMEY: Well, you know, Chris


MATTHEWS: I‘m serious. What would you do to her? You said you want to ban it. You want to use the law to outlaw abortion.

TOOMEY: That‘s right.

MATTHEWS: What would you do to a woman who had an abortion? What would you do to her?

TOOMEY: Oh, I think we would first look at the doctor who is
performing the abortion and have some penalties


MATTHEWS: Why? Why don‘t you go after the woman? Why don‘t you go after the woman? In any other situation of law and justice, you go after the person who perpetrates the act. If it‘s wrong to commit...


MATTHEWS: No, really. This is what the whole issue of abortion is and where all the B.S. comes into this argument. Are you willing to say that you would put a woman in prison for having an abortion?

TOOMEY: Chris, I‘m not sure what the penalty would be. I‘m saying..."

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