Sunday, February 12, 2006

Zombies Eat Conservatives' Brains

It's always interesting to see conservatives shocked at the treatment they get when they go against Dear Leader. If live with dogs like Charles Johnson and his Racist Army, expect to be hunted when you go off the reservation.

Unclaimed Territory: Do Bush followers have a political ideology?

"It’s not an accident that Ann Coulter and her ongoing calls for violence against 'liberals' (meaning anyone not in line behind George Bush) are so wildly popular among conservatives. It’s not some weird coincidence that the 5,000 people in attendance at the CPAC this last week erupted in 'boisterous ovation' when she urged violence against 'ragheads,’ nor is it an accident that her hateful, violence-inciting screeds -- accusing 'liberals' of being not wrong, but 'treasonous' -- become best-sellers. Ann Coulter has been advocating violence against liberals and other domestic political opponents for years, and she is a featured speaker at the most prestigious conservative events. Why would that be? It's because she is tapping into the primal, rather deranged rage which lies in the heart of many Bush followers. If that weren't driving the movement, she wouldn’t provoke the reactions and support that she does."

Via Atrios

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