Monday, February 13, 2006

Cheney Wrong Again

When I first heard the story on Sunday, I thought "I'm not writing about this."

Honestly, it's a hunting accident; it's political value is minute. Cheney hopefully feels bad, like a complete idiot; obviously his victim feels bad.

But then two things come to pass that, Jeebus, just goes to show the unmitigated privilege these Chimpy-fucks feel entitled to.

Issue number one is the ridiculous timeline. Local law enforcement didn't find out for an hour, and only then because they heard an ambulance was called? The press was deliberately never called for 24 hours?

Didn't anybody think this would absolutely stink of coverup? Honestly, I think at this point, Cheney has gotten away with so much in his life, that his autopilot just screams coverup when anything he didn't plan happens.

My guess this entire incident lays bare the stupid, ignorant notion that either Bush or Cheney are anything but Hollywood Cowboys. Cheney may lack Bush's family blue-blood; but he's a career political hack and has been since he could walk.

Accidents happen, sure; but make no mistake: the fault of a bad shot comes from the shooter. As an NRA member, Cheney should know this. Guns don't kill hunters, noob hunters kill hunters.

Which brings me to second thing that truly pisses me off about this whole mess: the disgusting attempt to point at the shooting victim as "asking for it." Folks, I hunted in Iowa as a kid. I may have quickly grew tired of it, but my dad was a real hunter and gun owner -- and he taught me to look where I'm shooting.

Christ, this thing smells like Cheney and the boys were having a grand ol' time, knocking back brews -- uh, these were Republican elites --- knocking back brandy snifters and pinot noir; and Cheney got a little loose and forgot where his buddies were. BLAM! Ohhhh, shit!

So the Men in Black lock them down in the field, perform field triage, send the victim out for repair, and put the Sith Lord in deep cover to sober up.

I'm not saying that's what happened; because who the Hell knows -- but only thanks to the paranoid, slithery machinations of the Cheney administration is it possible to wonder if that's what happened.

Cheney Apparently Breaks Key Hunting Rule: Yahoo! News
"Vice President Dick Cheney apparently broke the No. 1 rule of hunting: Be sure of what you're shooting at. He also violated Texas game law by failing to buy a hunting stamp."

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