Monday, February 06, 2006

Why Does Bush Hate the Troops?

When you're dealing with the Worst President Ever, it is no surprise the budget is filled with initiatives that transfer wealth from the poor to the rich.

But the most offensive part of it is how Bush has uses and abuses our troops at every opportunity, and yet has no difficulty stealing food from the mouths of troops' families when budgets are created.

So who does get a big, fat raise in the Bush budget? Halliburton, and every other military contractor, who have been documented stealing billions in Iraq. Surprised?

Bush Budget Plan a Headache for Congress: Yahoo! News
"Those cuts are magnified since the budget proposes $3 billion in new fees next year to finance new spending elsewhere. Once again, better-off veterans are again being asked to make higher co-payments for prescription drugs and pay a new $250 annual enrollment fee for their medical care. Congress has rejected both three years in a row.

A new proposal to raise fees on some better-off military retirees enrolled in the Pentagon's Tricare program isn't likely to fare much better. Also back is a proposed new $5 fee on each way of air travel to pay $1.6 billion of the cost for airport screenings. That, too, was rejected by Congress last year."

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