Sunday, February 05, 2006

What Does Bush's Tax Cuts Get You?

The cowardly theocons, the corrupt Republican leadership, and the incompetent Cheney administration continue to fund the military like the Soviets won the lottery.

And for what? Bin Laden's farewell tour has gone on longer than The Who's. Conservatives say 9/11 changed everything. Apparently all that needed changed was their underpants, as they shat themselves in fear of the Big, Bad al Qaeda.

Look, sheeple; on 9/11 19 hijackers exploited two huge weaknesses in our air travel security. One: we allowed knives and box-cutters on flights. Two: we were told hijackers didn't want to crash planes (of course, the Cheney administration knew that was false.)

The 9/11 scenario will never be repeated, because who among us would sit still if they tried it again?

Now that said, there has to be other gaping weaknesses in our security; any free society will have them (and we're still free for now; law-breaking executive, corrupt legislative, and con-packed judicial branches aside.) We should be funding brainstormers, scenario planners, threat assessors and the like. Buying another stealth fighter or tank won't save one life from a terrorist attack.

What's frightening to me? Seeing our leader with a growing urine stain in his slacks when hears "boo!" from Wahabists -- and then seeing him blow his wad on heavy artillery and spying on Quakers.

There isn't a brain left in the Corporate Media to make this point --- I can only hope the electorate isn't as stupid Katie Couric or Brian Williams.

Daily Kos: Bush Set To Slash Domestic Program Spending

"Domestic priorities like federal aid to schools and health research are squeezed under President Bush's proposed budget for next year, but funding for the Pentagon, the war in Iraq and anti-terrorism efforts get impressive increases."

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