Saturday, October 29, 2005

Oh Brother, Libby

Libby plans to use the defense perfected by none other than RightWingNuttia Diety Ronnie Ray-gun. "I can't recall."

Libby Lawyer Plans Lack-Of-Memory Defense: Yahoo! News

"'As lawyers, we recognize that a person's recollection and memory of events will not always match those of other people, particularly when they are asked to testify months after the events occurred.'"

Notice, also, how in this article the "liberal" media throws in a dig about Whitewater... where the Clintons lost money and found themselves investigated ten fucking years after the fact. Yowza.

Guess Yahoo! wants to help out with the hypocrisy of the Right. Next up, how perjury is just a technicality -- after the Right impeached a President for the same thing. (Well, not quite the same. One was based on a blow job, and Libby's is based on treason.)

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