Saturday, October 29, 2005

Arizona "Journalists"

How is it Arizona is blessed with so many political hacks masquerading as journalists?

Exhibit A: Mike Sunnucks

I'm a fan of the local PBS news show Horizon. In particular, I like to catch the Friday episodes where they have a "Journalists' Roundup". These are mostly print journalists taking an opportunity to get a little taste of Almost Famous. These guys (and occassionally a gal) widely vary in quality; with a few being credible and a great many nothing more than Republican water carriers.

Take Mike Sunnucks, heretofor to be named Mike Sucksnuts. This beady-eyed little freak is a complete and total tool for RightWingNuttia. He writes for something called the Arizona Business Journal, which given the quality of his "reporting," must be little more than a few notes of "XXXXOOOOO" to the Bushies and copious amounts of "Janet sucks! Janet sucks! Janet sucks!"

This guy spins every possible subject into some kind of love letter to Arizona's conservative aristocracy, and/or a reason why Napolitano is ruining the state. And each time he is on, the other media folk casually slap him down and confound him with facts.

Bad enough the guy is dumb ass, but he's video poison as well. He's got a smarmier smirk than Bush, and after every single jab he gets in against Janet or Dems, he beams for the camera for moment, joyously inhaling the scent of his urine spreading in pants; only to quickly look away slightly embarassing when someone corrects him or he suddenly realizes Horizon is supposed to have some semblance of a news program --- not some second-rate "McCain Group" political talk.

Ah well, what did I expect? This is the same show that has Robb Knobb occasionally. And worst of all, this is the state that humbly created that toxic tub of goo... J.D. Hayworth.

Arizona and journalism just don't mix.

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