Saturday, October 01, 2005

Ford: A Business Plan the Cheney Administration would be Proud of

Ford Takes Control of 23 Visteon Plants: Yahoo! News

The Concentration of Wealth March continues unabated, folks. If your kid isn't driving a luxury SUV at 16, their kids will be using public transportation at 30 because they can't afford basic health care or housing.

Generation X was the first generation to do worse than their parents since America became a superpower. The future generations will continue this precedent, thanks to conservative Republican "leadership."

But don't worry, there is some hope. The top 5% of Americans will have increasingly stunning wealth. America will be churning out billionaires by the tens, at the cost of thousands.

You dim-witted, anti-union, God, guns, and gays voters making under $100K: you go right on voting Republican. Your kids will be pissing on your graves working at Wal-mart or Starbucks or whatever the fuck is left when an entire nation is bankrupt, unable to educate its kids, and bereft of any kind of manufacturing capability.

"Ford Motor Co. took control of 23 plants and other facilities from auto supplier Visteon Corp. on Saturday, hoping to improve their profits before the automaker sells them off next year. ... The average hourly wage at Visteon's plants will drop from $38 to $17, and the number of its hourly employees covered by the United Auto Workers will drop from 17,400 to 5,000."

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