Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tin-Foil Hat

The inspiring stories, the heroes, tales of survival and hope; it's going to be on 24x7 now. And in many ways, that is something we need to see; to remind us that not all is lost and the blows we are taking from inept leaders can't compare to a first rate disaster (placing aside, for a moment, that this disaster happened in part due Bush's war budget and lame response.)

I've seen quite a number times now, something that chills me to the bone. If I wore a tin-foil hat, I could see the Cheney administration finding a fabulous opportunity in their non-response.

I saw 3 stories tonight, and the phrase repeated perhaps a dozen times, about how faith-based organizations have stepped in where FEMA failed. Stories about ministers and churches gathering supplies and helping the victims, because no one else would.

Could the bastards that occupy the White House have actually considered this? Could Rove have put down his parasol, looked Bush in the eye, and said "Mr. President, we all chipped in and bought you a new bike!" while Cheney creeped into the back room with Brown and ordered all relief efforts withheld for 72 hours?

This is the dumbest President ever, getting marching orders from the most failed administration ever. They are obviously capable of overestimating the PR value "look how well our faith-based funding has paid off" while underestimating the blowback of anger resulting from watching scenes of people dying in the streets.

They are capable of it; but I can't believe they did it. I hope they are simply spinning.

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