Thursday, September 22, 2005

O'Falafel Upset with Media Matters Again

O'Reilly lambasted Media Matters for reporting his U.N. death wish

"O'REILLY: So, anyway, even though Bush is in trouble, the left can't make any inroads. Enter me. This is a riot. This is so funny. Now let me set it up. Every day The Radio Factor's on, there's this creepy, little group who listens to our program and tapes it, and then analyzes the tape. They're like the Rosemary's Baby people. Remember the scene in Rosemary's Baby, where the devil was born to Rosemary, and they had the little people around the crib, chanting? That's what these creepy, left-wing nuts are like. They're little gnomes."

Uh, Bill, in this cute little metaphor of yours.. aren't you playing the Devil's Baby?

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