Saturday, August 20, 2005

LaToyia's Story Finally Tops Aruba

Slain Pa. Woman's Ex-Boyfriend Arrested: Yahoo! News

We all know Faux News and CNN love the "white woman missing" story. Such stories get heavy coverage for incredibly long news cycles. In fact, the worse the war, economy, scandals, and protests against Bush get, the more Faux News features "breaking news" from Aruba.

RightWingNuttia and corporate media did not give a damn about LaToyia Figueroa. The only place I ever read anything about her was in blogs. Until today.

"Police have recovered the remains of a missing pregnant woman and arrested the father of the unborn child in the death, authorities announced Saturday.

The suspect, Stephen Poaches, is a former boyfriend of 24-year-old LaToyia Figueroa, who has been missing for a month."

Why the change of heart? Now that we know she's dead, why did this story get headline coverage on my Yahoo! News page?

Because in the minds of our pathetic corporate media, fear sells. Missing white women sell big-time, because that could be your daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Red State. A missing black woman? Well, who cares, isn't the black community dangerous anyway? She's probably out getting welfare from some other state.

Now that LaToyia's body has been found, it's made everything dangerous again - a black man killed somebody. That could have been you or your daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Red State.

This country's democracy will continue to spiral down as long as our corporate media continues to perform like a high school tabloid.

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